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The gaming community would love another Jak Trilogy/Series

We are a fan based petition group aiming to gain as many likes as possible to show ND that we really want a new Jak and Daxter Trilogy. This fan group page is for all true fans of the Jak and Daxter Legacy. For those of us that still can't get enough of the "Demolition Duo" and would love to see a new REAL Jak and Daxter game out on the PS3. This coalition is formed in design of a new age petition to Naughty Dog for the creation of a well-awaited new Jak trilogy adventure. Once we gain a large amount of signatures we will make our existence more than well-known to Naughty Dog to show our continued love and support for the game series in hopes for a new legacy of adventures, being that the legacy of the precursors are thus completed. So if you'd like to be apart of this fun movement then please join, support, and share this petition with your friends, family, and gamers alike!

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