Keep Naturist Park Koversada (Vrsar, Croatia) NATURIST ONLY!

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With 85 hectares, more than 1700 pitches, 7 km of beautiful and clean beaches, Koversada is the biggest and oldest naturist camp in the Adriatic. Found in 1961, Koversada has been a summer home to thousands of people, a lot of them being generations and generations of families. It's a perfect place for people of all ages to live close to nature in peace, quiet and tranquility. To enjoy your vacation without worrying of people staring at you if you accidentally show your boob and invading your personal space on the beach. Koversada is so big, that coming closer than 5 meters to a person on the beach, is considered an "invasion of privacy". Jokes aside, it's a piece of paradise on Earth.

Naturism is a way of life, a way of showing and teaching your children (and other adults) to accept their bodies and not shame or even stare at people with different ones. Naturist camps are a place for people with disabilities, body abnormalities, people with visible aftermaths of different surgeries and so on, to enjoy their time and their bodies without being stared at. It is general knowledge, that naturist camps are cleaner than ordinary ones, mainly because people are different. The life there is calm and relaxed, people are respectable of each other and the nature surrounding them.

THE PROBLEM is, that the owners of Koversada have decided to close the camp for naturists, with the excuse of leaving one tiny piece for us. This, in my opinion, is unacceptable and will destroy the summers for thousands of people. Naturist camps across Croatia are closing because "they don't make enough profit". It is a typical Croatian way of thinking, but this time, there is too much summer happiness at stake, for too many people. Koversada is OUR HOME. It's a place we return to EVERY year. A place we can count on to be there for us, a refuge from the crazy world. There are true, life long friendships creating and evolving there every year. It's not just a summer vacation spot for us, it's our summer home, the word home in its true meaning.

PLEASE, sign the petition and show the management people of Koversada that WE CARE, and we are not giving up WITHOUT A FIGHT! 

We want our summer home to STAY NATURIST ONLY. There are still many things to improve there, but making it mandatory to wear a swimsuit IS NOT ONE OF THEM. 



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