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Nature Stone ran a radio advertisement stating a story about the origin of the Christmas tree. In the story, Nature Stone stated "Saint Boniface one day came upon a group of pagans gathered around a big oak tree about to sacrifice a child. To stop the sacrifice and save the child’s life, Boniface felled the tree."  This is an anti-pagan propaganda statement that was deemed false ages ago. This was started by Christians to falsify and denigrate Pagan beliefs to perpetuate hatred against Pagans during the dark ages. These Christian beliefs have been found to be false and derogatory towards those of the Pagan faith even though the early Christian church adopted Pagan Gods and Goddesses as their own (many became saints) to covert people to Christianity. (Reference:


Nature Stone was approached at their Bedford store on December 13, 2013 to remove or change the radio advertisement. Larry Morrow, Nature Stone’s advertising manager, had said that he understood and would change the ad. This was not done, and the advertisement was heard again on December 18 and 22. 

Nature Stone was once again contacted on December 21, 2013 through their private message function on Facebook® concerning the continued advertisements with no change as promised. To this Nature Stone replied, "We are sorry we have offended you. The commercials will continue to run until Christmas day as we are only offering our belief in short stories meant to bring cheer during the holiday season. We respect all religious views and only ask that you do the same." An additional private message asking how portraying individuals as child killers brings cheer to this holiday, went unanswered. 



This advertisement depicting Pagans as child killers is deplorable and shows intolerance of religious diversity.  Nature Stone needs to make a public apology for these actions. 

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