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Once again, the Nature Conservancy is using lethal wildlife management in one of its "sanctuaries."  This time it's in the Devil's Den Preserve in Weston, CT.

Devil's Den Preserve will be closed on the following days for a controlled deer hunt:

November 18 - 19 (Wednesday, Thursday)
November 23 & 24 (Monday & Tuesday)
November 30 - December 4 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)
December 7 & 8 (Monday & Tuesday).

According to Steve Patton of the Nature Conservancy, "“We are confident that our annual limited hunt, in combination with the increased deer management efforts regionally, will eventually maintain a sustainable level of resident deer at Devil’s Den Preserve..." (Redding Pilot, 11-17-09). 

How many annual hunts must go by, how many deer must be wounded and killed, before the Nature Conservancy realizes the that the killing of deer is neither a realistic or natural approach to protect either the environment of the preserve or the animals that take refuge in it. 

Tell the Nature Conservancy that its duty is not just to preserve and protect the vegetation at Devil's Den but also all the animals that live there.

Write, call, fax, email:

President Mark R. Tercek
The Nature Conservancy
4245 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22203-1606

(800) 628-6860
fax: 703-841-1283

Letter to
Connecticut Headquarters Nature Conservancy
Once again the Nature Conservancy is sponsoring the killing of deer at its Devil's Den Preserve in Weston CT. The Nature Conservancy killing animals? Just what nature are you attempting to preserve? Please let Devil's Den true nature evolve without the interference of humans. Isn't that the purpose of a nature preserve?

Nature is not a museum, but a dynamic force that ebbs and flows on its own accord. Plants and animals come and go, and are not to be managed by the very species (and only species) that is destroying the environment.

However, if you insist on interfering, use exclosure fencing to protect the vegetation rather than repeatedly spill the blood of the innocent deer.

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