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Take action against so-called 'Mardanis' and rehabilitate innocent male victims

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The courts have recently released three Rohtak boys accused of molestation by two notorious girls who bashed them up badly on a bus, and then lodged a complaint against them. The media glorified the anti-social girls as "Mardani," and pressured the police to take action against the guys, who were promptly arrested and further beaten even when they were forced to apologise to the girls.

But, soon numerous passengers of the bus the incident happened on, came forward and testified in favour of the accused boys and against the girls. Other videos of the two girls bashing up innocent boys, with whom they would pick up fight on some pretext, came to light. It was clear that the girls were anti-social goonda elements.

But, the boys have paid a heavy price. Their studies have been stopped. They lost the army job they had cleared, just because of this incident (and now they are overage). Thus, their career is in shambles. They suffered immense insult and physical beatings at the hands of the girls, their own parents and the police. They have gone through immense social trauma, all because they wanted to help two old and sick ladies to get their seats from these two goon girls.

We demand that:

1. The two boys be rehabilitated and compensated for all the injustice and oppression they have suffered. The government should make arrangements for their studies and jobs.

2. The two girls who are still unrepentant and claim that they will bash up boys again, if need be, should be severely punished -- both for bashing up boys and lodging a false complaint of molestation against the boys.

3. The media who glorifieid the girl immediately after knowing of the incident as "Mardani" and role model for other women, and some of whom are still supporting the girls, even after all the evidences against them (as well as the court ruling) and are still sympathetic to them, should stop glorifying goondagardi by some female goons, on the pretext of pushing women rights. 



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