Restoration of Goodwine's unique collection of natural wines. STOP THE WAR!

Restoration of Goodwine's unique collection of natural wines. STOP THE WAR!

March 5, 2022
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Started by Elene Glonti

Dear colleagues

Especially those who have had the pleasure of working with an amazing company Goodwine. As a result of the barbaric Russian invasion and indiscriminate bombing of the villages and cities of Ukraine, Goodwine`s Kyiv warehouse with its unique collection of wines from all over the world has been destroyed completely. 

On behalf of the wine producers, as our contribution to this beautiful country and heroic people, who are bravely fighting for their homeland, I would like to urge you to restore their unique collection. 

A Great Russian writer Ivan Bunin wrote «I Think with horror who this drunken bloody cattle that seized power in Russia gives birth to, and what will happen to my country in two-three generations.» ( 1918-1920.)

Destroying wine has been one of the acts of vandalism in the days of the Bolsheviks' Coup d’etat and history repeats itself. As the cellar of the Russian emperor with its rare collection of wine became the favorite place for the Russian revolutionaries, Bolshevik leaders ordered to spill the wine to stop the drunken carousal of the rioting mob, in whose name they were going to rule and commit unspeakable atrocities and it is said that the river of wine flew the streets of St.Petersburg. 

White will never become black and light will not be absorbed by the darkness. Today Ukrainian people are fighting on behalf of the free world, for democracy, which happens to be the biggest achievement of our civilization. As the people who carry the ideas of the great Jean Jacques Rousseau against the inheritance of Lenin`s, Stalin's, and Hitler`s criminal ideology, let us vow that we not only stand by the Ukrainian people in these difficult times but we will also stand by them when the time will come for Ukraine to rise again. 

Dr. Eko Glonti and Lagvinari Team

*By Signing this petition the winemakers agree to donate an affordable amount of their wine for the restoration of the Goodwine collection, as soon as peace is restored in Ukraine.

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Signatures: 171Next Goal: 200
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