Dawn of Titans Team Should Disclose Changes in Loot Drop Rates

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The Dawn of Titans community should be told when a change is made that diminishes the expected value of gem spending on in-game events and temple purchases.  Failure to disclose changes in loot drop rates, especially when events are advertised as comparable with similar prior events, is unfair to players and tantamount to a bait-and-switch sales strategy. 

The recent Theaters of War poison event was advertised as the same as prior events, but the yield of four-star titans and relics was noticeably lower for players who spent gems to rush the refresh clock. 

The community should demand: 1) confirmation of what changes were made for the poison Theaters of War event; 2) the adoption of a policy that the rewards available in random events be consistent with past instances of similar events or that notice of changes be published in writing at least one day before the event begins; and 3) that any disclosure of information about upcoming events and scheduled future releases that is made during periodic livestreams also be published in writing the same day the livestream is conducted.