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Remove GE/GMO ingredients or their "natural" label

Exactly what is natural about an ingredient that has been genetically modified to resist lethal doses of Monsanto’s Roundup® (weed-killer)? The Cornucopia Institute reports that “natural” product Kashi® GoLean® is 100% contaminated with genetically engineered (GE)/GMO ingredients:
Google Kashi & genetically engineered to read recent news for yourself.
Why should you be worried about GE foods and deceptive labeling? Only one study to date has been conducted to GE foods and humans, and that study was cut short because of an unexpected finding: GE proteins do not digest in humans as expected; recent animal studies show cause for alarm about eating any GMO foods. Please educate yourself and your loved ones, and read the Cornucopia report in the link above.
Tired of the big guys deceiving and misleading us while they rake in huge profits? Sign the petition and ask your friends to sign it. Let us send Philip and Gayle Tauber, and Kellogg’s a message!
Want to learn more? Read the Cornucopia report and go here for solid facts about Kashi cereal and GE foods:

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