Natsuki Takaya and TokyoPOP: Create a season 2 of Fruits Basket (Manga)

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Natsuki Takaya and TokyoPOP: Create a season 2 of Fruits Basket (Manga)

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Hello everyone!
I have made this petition because I have read all of the Fruits Basket manga and I still have some questions that need answering. Like;

How does Yuki go in Uni?
What happens with Yuki and Machi's relationship?
What about Kyo and Tohru?
Does the curse ever come back?
And a whole lot more!

I am hopeing that this will make Natsuki Takaya think about writing another series of Fruits Basket manga and help answer my questions, and I also hope that TokyoPOP can help her make the manga.

I really love the Fruits Basket series! It is my favorite series and no other manga will ever take it's place. I really am sad to think that the story of the Zodiac is coming to an end and that I will have to say good bye to Tohru, Kyo and Yuki.

I loved the first season of the Fruits Basket manga. Every book just kept getting better and better and I was always so excited to read the next book! I loved the whole story with it's romance, comedy, fantasy and DRAMA. I loved it because I never got bored with any of it! I could read every book 100 times and still never get bored.

I know that I am not the only person out there that feels this way, and I know that if it is possible, that it would make everyone really happy to get to read another series of the loved Fruits Basket.

I know that there are many reasons that they would not want to do this. Like thinking people might have forgotten about Fruits Basket and they series would be a waste.

Also because what else could they write about. The curse is broken.

Well I think that it would not be a waste because I know that every person that loved Fruits Basket, still has a spot for more in their hearts and would never forget this manga. And looking at the other petition made about making a season 2 of the anime filled with all the extras of the manga, there are over 30,000 people who would love a second manga series!

And I have heaps of ideas for another series like,
The curse could come back becasue someone comes close to death and they only way to save them is to give them the curse.


Well, I am hoping that this petiton will do some good. When 100 people have signed, I am going to hopfully send it to the TokyoPOP company by email. I will ask them to send it to Natsuki tayaka as well. Please sign if you would love the Fruits Basket journey to continue and finally answer everyones final questions!

At the moment, I do not have Facebook and I do not know TokyoPOP's email address. If anyone knows please mention that in your sign comment.

Thanks and good luck! Tell your friends to sign to!

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