Native Women Campaigning for Human Rights Canada

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Native Women of Canada have suffered under the longest and most violent Act of Cultural Genocide in the History of the World. We campaign for Equal Treatment with a Voice without presentation from Non-Native Women or Men.  

Please Remove all the Self-Declared Aboriginal People working within the Federal Government Institutions of Canada and Provincial State and allow Native Women, Metis, Inuit to Heal the Aboriginal people who are held within Federal institutions.

Remove all Self-Declared Aboriginal Peoples in any Government holding an Aboriginal Job.

We do not recognise them, as part of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada unless they are legally recognised by a First Nations band, Metis Nation or Inuit Peoples.

One day they are not Aboriginal then for a high management position, for an Aboriginal management position, they self-declare when Aboriginal Status Indians have to "prove" they are Aboriginal to work for the Government of Canada.

The Government of Canada is enforcing a discriminatory practice within their structure of hiring, when self-declared aboriginal employee's do not understand our culture, language, or traditions.

Promote First Nations Healing Methods that are passed down from generation to generation. Native Women are Demanding a Voice and the Removal of Racialized, Sexual Discrimination and Violence within all the Policies and Legislative Acts of Canada; and promote culturally appropriate family laws, healing technology and methods and education.

Stop the growing homelessness of Native Women of Canada. Remove legislated Poverty of Native Women and Native Families and Promote Equity within the continued process. Native Women want to work, obtain an education, receive proper health care, have housing, as per our customs. Aboriginal health care is becoming highly abused, mismanaged, with health professionals making their service costs under legislation and policies. Policies of health care is highly racist and discriminatory; knowing Aboriginal Peoples cannot afford them.

Native women should have say on all matters concerning family and children in courts. Do not take our children and assimilate them into the larger society through foster care, let us end genocide today; Native Women demand Cultural Safety and Protection for themselves and their children in legal agreements with Canada. Its time for Reconciliation and Justice for Native Women. Native Women Campaign for Basic Human Rights in Canada where it is denied at ever level of service or decision making!

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