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Stop all Mining in Gomeroi Country

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We the people of the Gomeroi Nation do not Consent to Mining in our Homelands.  We have never endorsed the current 18 Native Title Representatives to sign any agreements pertaining to our lands without our knowledge.

We do not authorise Santos or it’s Corporate Relations to mine on Gomeroi Lands.  Santos has a reputation of accidents and spills on sacred lands including the waste water spill  in the Pilliga Forrest in recent times. Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham had made mention around this incident that: “This latest spill of toxic coal seam gas water is proof that this industry is unsafe no matter who runs it,” (Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham).  Furthermore, the Narrabri water supply is now contaminated with Uranium due to negligence by Santos.

We declare that the 18 Native Title Representatives for Gomeroi Nation have not considered public health and well being of people residing in Gomeroi Lands.  These Representatives have not considered cultural importance or cultural respect around the sensitivities of Cultural Protocols and Cultural Preservation.  Santos and the 18 Native Representatives who signed applicable deals  are accountable for the desecration of Cultural Sites including Ceremonial Sites and  a Women's birthing Ground.

We dispute the process of the Native Title meetings and agreement processes which breach our Cultural Protocols.  We refute an agreement made on the  23rd November 2015 for the expansion of the Whitehaven Coal, Maules Creek Coal Project set to start in March 2016.  

The Whitehaven Coal agreement was made without transparency, adequate consultation and communication with ourselves and families.  The agreement was signed without first obtaining a resolution from the Gomeroi Native Title claim group.  Further actions that did not obtain a resolution from the Gomeroi Native Title claim group was the appointment of Sam Hegney of Sam Hegney Solicitors and Philip Teitzel.

We Declare that the 18 Native Title Representatives for Gomeroi Nation are acting outside the Native Title Act 1993 by not adhering to procedures that they have agreed to.  We further dispute the Land Acquisition of the Native Title Act  belonging to the Commonwealth and declare the full and ultimate ownership of our lands.

We refuse and reject any company from mining on our Lands.  We demand the full protection of our Cultural Interests which includes Cultural Protocols, Land, Plants, Water and Wildlife. We call for the immediate cease of all Land Deals on Gomeroi Lands.

I declare that I am a Gomeroi person as are my descendants and we have not Ceded our Sovereignty. 

Ngiyaningu maran yaliwunga ngarra-li (our ancestors are always watching)




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