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HELP!! While you were sedated what happened to you or your loved ones?

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This will affect everyone so please read this all the way through. My wife Tina went into the hospital with flu like symptoms. After a week of her head hurting, and the doctors exhausting every test out there I begged them to scan her head in which they did. They found several brain aneurysms. With her father passing away at the age of 50 from a stroke we were definitely in an urgent position to get her into hands that could handle this. We decided to go ahead with the surgery however after the surgery she complained of her neck hurting. We were told this could be normal. What I can say is she has been on ice pretty much day and night since November and many,many hospital, doctor and medical testing visits. She lost control of her lower organs at one point and was on over 13 medications yet getting worse by the day. This mother of 3, grandmother of two that never missed work from 1995 and was always one of the happiest, fun loving mothers to be around now cries everyday and every night. She enjoyed cycling, grocery shopping, taking care of the home and her family and was a supervisor for a hotel chain. She worked at this chain since 1995. We don't know what went wrong but we do know that she has 2 herniated discs in her neck immediately after the surgery that she didn't have prior to the surgery. Nobody has stepped forward and said there was an issue. This may or may not be the case... HOW DO WE KNOW? It is time for cameras in the operating rooms. This needs to be the patients choice however there needs to be 100% transparency while a child, a mother, a grandmother, a firefighter, a policeman, a nurse, a homeless person is sedated for any reason. The patients and the family have a right to know what happened to their loved ones. Most of our emergency responders already are required to wear and drive with video. I would like each of you to help me get a bill written and passed into law requiring hospitals, surgical centers along with any location or personnel that is going to sedate a patient at any level or time and require them to record the patient if the patient or the family wishes. In all the years this has never happened to me so I have always had incredible faith in our medical system. Since this has happened to my wife I'm hearing this is not as uncommon as we are all lead to believe from both patients and personnel in the medical field . Please support me, my family and the many others suffering out there in getting Tina's Transparency Law written and passed! Lets protect you and your loved ones NOW. Contact your local representatives and your state representatives. They always want to know what their constituents care about. Please make this be it.

Robert W Smith

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