Call for Indemnity and Disbandment of the WHO for the Misjudgment in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Call for Indemnity and Disbandment of the WHO for the Misjudgment in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The WHO, despite being an umbrella organisation of the UN, under the tenure of Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has repeatedly shown the world their incompetence to be “trusted to service public health at all times” (ironically the WHO core value[1]) since Oct 2017. From naming the Zimbabwe Dictator, Tedros’ confidant, Mugabe as a Goodwill Ambassador, to the recent failure in tackling the outbreak of COVID-19, WHO has failed the world again and again. As world leaders stand united in the fight against COVID-19 to prevent history from repeating itself, we, as netizens practicing social distancing, petition to call for the affected countries to demand WHO to pay indemnities for their enormous economic loss and for the disbandment of WHO.
WHO often claims that their decisions are fair, transparent and timely. Yet it has chosen to side with China throughout the outbreak. In early January, they made no specific recommendations for travelers and advised against any travel ban on China[2], amidst videos showing the widespreadness in China going viral. By late January, confirmed cases of COVID-19 were found all over the world, yet WHO refused to declare it a pandemic, only calling it a “global health emergency”[3], resulting in everyone of us, regardless of race, age, gender suffering, some of us losing our most loved ones even.

WHO has been claiming that its actions are independent, but it is in fact completely biased in favor of China. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of WHO, publicly praised Xi's leadership, which silenced whistle-blowers in the early stage of the pandemic and has been publicly spreading disinformation on the coronavirus. Dr Bruce Aylward, the team lead on WHO-China joint mission on COVID-19, went even further, saying "if I had COVID-19, I want to be treated in China", despite multiple footage showing that in China, not only were cases not treated due to hospitals being overwhelmed, some of them were not even tested for the coronavirus. Not only that, WHO also refuses to take responsibility over the pandemic crisis. Later in an interview with RTHK, a broadcasting channel in Hong Kong, he shifted the responsibility to countries "waiting for WHO to declare a pandemic" and that they should "take a deep look and a deep reflection on itself". Isn't alerting countries of health crises the foremost duty of WHO again? If not, countries may as well combat the pandemic on their own, bypassing WHO.

Contrary to the WHO’s values of “Persons of Integrity” and “People Caring About People”[1], WHO has a proven track record of ignoring people, leaving them to their own devices. Back in 2002, Taiwan was excluded from WHO and thus, received minimal support from them in the combat of SARS, resulting in 346 cases and 37 deaths . In 2005, in the 6th Global Conference, China’s then WHO representative Sha, even made the outrageous statement, “Who care about you guys, Taiwanese?”.[4] By rejecting the Taiwanese people, WHO has put the lives of a 23-million population at stake. Nonetheless, the Taiwanese government has demonstrated to the world that the world is indeed a safer place without WHO. They didn’t wait for the WHO declaration of the pandemic and imposed preemptive measures to curb the spread. In early February, they banned travelers from China from entering the island. As of today, fewer than 300 cases are found in Taiwan.
WHO is also known as a big spender. In 2017, it’s reported that its then Director, Margaret Chan, spent $370,000 travelling per year and the organisation spent $200 million on travels, but only $70 million on AIDS and hepatitis, and $ 61 million on malaria.[5] Nations have paid WHO so much, yet WHO is now basically asking countries to deeply reflect because they have chosen to comply with WHO in not exercising travel bans on China.[3]

As the Japan Minister of Finance Taro Aso has put it, WHO is now Chinese Health Organization. We really have no expectation that it would work on behalf of the world's benefit. It's not about Dr. Tedros. It's not about Director Aylward. It’s about how corrupt the organisation as a whole has become. It's about how China has been creeping across all international bodies, spreading her unjust influence. Let’s get WHO responsible for its misdeeds and compensate for all that has been lost!


4,290 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!