Save the 200-400 Year Old Live Oaks from Edison's Overzealous Tree-Trimming

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Poppet Flats has one of the oldest old growth forests of LIVE OAK trees aprox. 100-400 year old trees in Southern California.  Growth rate for live oak is between 12 and 24 inches per year.  Edison Tree trimmers cut 3-6 feet per year and sometimes 2x a year making that 6 to 12 feet cut from a tree that only grows maybe one foot a year.  Over cutting causes death of trees!

LIVE OAK Trees support birds and wildlife including bluejays,white owls, red-tail hawks, eagles, hummingbirds and  endangered woodpeckers, endangered horned toads, from squirrels to Mountain Lions rely on the LIVE OAK  directly for their food, or the food that their food eats. Loss of trees=loss of habitat for wildlife!

"Topping off" trees is an incorrect way to trim a tree which results in early death of trees. Topping off is a lazy method to trim trees around power lines.  One simply whacks off the tree in a straight line not taking into account the growth pattern of the tree.  Proper tree trimming requires the arborist trim the tree in a V shape to allow for the tree's continued health and safety for the power lines. National Arbor Day has information on proper tree trimming techniques. "Topping off" trees kills trees!

There is no tool clean up between tree cuttings which means they can spread the Oak Borer Weevil which has devastated Idyllwild's Oak Trees. There is also the possibility of spreading phytophthora ramorum.  There is no arborist involved in tree trimming decisions. Just two guys with a pruning hook & their own discretion with no actual knowledge of trees.  They keep coming into Poppet Flats because we have very large (up to 400 yr old)  trees that they can bill Edison for the work. This must stop!!

Fire Hazards are caused when trees die naturally or from unnatural over cutting.  The reason that wildfires in western states have become increasingly worse every year is directly due to loss of old growth forests. When old growth forests die and are replaced with pine trees, it makes fires worse and harder to fight.  A natural forest is a mixture of both hard and soft woods.  If a fires goes through a natural forest, quite often the old oaks and other hardwood trees are not killed.  These old oaks are a bit fire resistant.  Over cutting  trees kills them.  What you are left with is a dead dry oak tree that simply adds long burning fuel to a possible fire.  This must stop!!!

Today is 105 degrees in the shade-ie not a day for cutting trees! If you want to keep your trees, you should cut them when they go into hybernation and the sap sucks back into the center of the tree.  When you cut in the wrong or hot time of year all the sap spills out the cuts and the tree cannot keep its moisture.  We have not had rain for how many months now?  And these yahoos are chopping trees?  This must stop!!!

Utility Tree Service contracts with Edison for power pole tree trimming--Edison will send out tree trimmers if you complain about trees in a electric line- Utility Tree simply takes it upon themselves to trim trees-often those trees that do not need trimming!

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