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National War Cemetery, Donation of Land from Fed. Government

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As proud Australians a National War Cemetery for our Veterans and serving Military would be another way of thanking those who gave their lives or have fought or invested in our Community to keep Australia safe. Of course they can still be buried elsewhere at their families or their own discretion. Policemen and Emergency Workers killed in the line of duty could also have sections in the Cemetery for their bravery and service too.

Thankfully Australia seems to have adopted rather late the idea of bringing its war dead home, which is a blessing and much needed for families. Whatever the cost, Australia sent these young people off to war most recently in the Middle East and has a responsibility to bring them home.

Families like mine who lost fathers/sons/brothers/or mothers/daughters/sisters in WWII  also need a Nat. War Cemetery for the following reasons:

The loss of close family members, brings suffering for the rest of our lives and for those of us with our Fallen buried overseas, or lost beneath the ocean, all we have to remember them is a name on a wall amongst thousands at the AWM. Not a place where you can sit and linger.

Public memorials are impersonal and Anzac Day is lonely for most of us.
A place where we could have a plot of land and a headstone (without a body) where we could go on special occasions to remember our loved ones would help towards having a personal place of remembrance.

Australia paid miserly amounts to War Widows after WWII, far below the basic wage. We grew up without a parent, (usually) and our children lacked a grandparent. So we believe at the very least, Australia owes us a plot of land and a headstone to remember our Fallen.

Australians who visit overseas War Cemeteries and feel the hush and pride there don't want that to change and neither do we. Australians who want to travel to visit War Graves still can. Perhaps it might be possible to bring home remains from the Pacific area, but that remains unknown due to cost, logistics etc.

A donation of land of around 160 acres outside the National Capital would be the first priority to kickstart the establishment of such a Cemetery.  Then I hope we could establish a national fund raising campaign or a lottery to raise money. 

Please sign this Petition which will be an important step towards establishing a National War Cemetery in our National Capital and showing our Military and other Services our thanks for helping to keep our Community and Australia safe.

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