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Let my husband come back to our sons

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This happens everyday and it separates families causing them hardship and heartbreakBeckika S Ramirez

I have been married for 4yrs to my husband we have six yrs together I also have three kids one from previous but my husband has been there since he was less then a yr we have to little boys together. We got a lawyer to try to get his papers 4yrs ago and finally got a appointment he went back to Mexico and then they told him he could not come back for 10yrs this is not fair yea I under stand it was wrong for him to come to the US illegally but he is my husband he is my children's father and the reason he can't come back is bc he entered to the US illegally more than once the lawyer said to be honest well we was and now more than 4000 dollars later I don't have my husband here w me I just have three kids asking me where is daddy and why did he get taken away from us. I have my littlest son is 3yrs and has speach therapy and asthma. I have asthma also and ever since he has been gone I have panic attacks and a lot of anxiety I cry a lot to mostly at night I do not have the same personality as before and when everyone asks me how I'm doing I wish they could understand but most don't. I am American born and raised and my mom is white my dad is half Native American I do not think it is fair to separate a family! I'm in college and my husband was supporting us but now he can't really do that please if u have any info that can help please tell me I have sent a request for a appointment with the senator of Missouri already but have not heard back yet. Please help!!!!

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