Lower Tuition Fees in E-Learning as facilities & resources are not utilised fully.

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Hi everybody, thank you for reading this description. I am very sure that many students are ranting about why the school fees are not being reduced when the school facilities are not able to be utilised much due to COVID and how most of us are having e-learning from home. As such, I have started this petition to encourage the school to reevaluate the school fees in lieu of the reduced availability of facilities and educational resources such as laboratory equipment.

First point: (Facilities) The available facilities that students can utilize, such as common study areas and spaces, have been greatly reduced. This has restricted the possible number of students returning to school to study. The money for these facilities has been accounted for in the school fees. However, with the zoning limitations, it restricts the amount of study spaces which results in most students not being able to utilize the facilities that were being paid for. For instance, YIH Study Lounge was supposed to be a 24-hour study space, but it is now completely closed.

Second point: (Resources) The students are no longer able to get hands-on experience using the laboratory equipment that were included in the school fees. Due to the tough COVID period, many course have opted to replace the initial laboratory work with e-learning report writings so as to reduce the amount of face-to-face interaction, in particular the large groups being together in the small confined space of the laboratory. As such, the students are paying for the laboratory equipment that would have helped their academic advancements but are unable to utilize said equipment.

Despite all these issues, most students understand that money should still be paid for the background work, such as Administration, the Intellectual Property that belongs to the lecturers/ professors, LumiNUS, and infrastructure to keep the school going on e-learning.

Action proposed: I hope that NUS could reevaluate the amount of tuition fee paid and decide whether a reduced tuition fee is feasible. With this amount "saved" in tuition fee, the money can be used in household bills, as the utility up goes up.