IVAT Free Sanitary Towels

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Most young girls grow up in poverty stricken homes. Some are orphaned and are raised on grants by their grand parents. Due to this sanitary towels are mostly seen as non basic items where food takes priority when shopping. These young girls end up using cloth, toilet tissues. If they lucky, have neighbors that can borrow them the towels. The worst being unable to attend school. This impacts on their interest in school, confidence, success in school, how they relate with their peers, and other issues.

 If sanitary towels cannot be free for young girls in school then removing of the VAT can reduce the costs and strain on the families with young girls. Going on menstrual cycle is nothing any girl chooses, it is not taboo and is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is something that is natural. A journey that every girl needs to understand as the next step in them growing up. 

Sanitary towels are a basic need for every girl and every household with a girl child. 

Every girl child has the right to go to school without the worry of menstrual cycles coming at any time in the month.