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Enforce Rules to Control Blinding Ultra-Bright Lights on Cars. Ensure regular checks for brightness of all vehicle lights. Police should charge anyone with these deadly blinding headlights.

Because these lights are DANGEROUS! They are momentarily BLINDING.
I have written and complained to the minister for the Environment and the reply was these "ZENON" lights are passed by the department of transport. BUT They are frighteningly bright and glarey on many new vehicles.

They are also self-installed by some people and badly focused. Some are even worse and present a bright blue light. They are not only deadly blinding in the straight ahead position, but also as a car rises over bumps in the road, the
lights come up and flash full power straight at  on coming traffic. When cars are making a right turn at an intersection, these lights which may be adjusted to be ok, shine directly into the eyes of those waiting for that lane to turn right and cross in front of them. I have spoken to many many people and never has anyone defended them.

High-intensity discharge lamps (HID) produce light with an electric arc rather than a glowing filament. These Blinding lights are Uncivilised, like allowing some people to carry a gun or a knife. It is unfair that a few people are allowed to have an ultra bright vision of what's in front of them, at the deadly expense of those coming in the
opposite direction.e. They must be controlled and be safe for everyone.

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