Protect children from harmful content on the internet without censorship by self-labelling

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Children are not being protected from being harmed from content on the internet and the problem is getting worse not better. SafeCast has a global solution which does not require legislation and is not censorship. It is free to use and can be implemented in 2021 through using international video standards. To gather support internationally we are running a global campaign via the SafeCast Global website for the public to insist that their governments and telecommunications regulators demand the amendment of global standards to properly protect children and vulnerable people. To continue our work we need to raise funds to pay for the campaign.

SafeCast Global's solution
SafeCast has a universal free metadata pre-labelling system to enable effective child protection to be seamlessly embedded within the internet - without censorship. Pre--labelling of content will mean that inappropriate content can be safely filtered away from children without censorship or artificial intelligence taking control of the processes involved in filtering material. Users of the internet can self-regulate their content before they upload it without fear that their content will be censored by a corporate AI running a secret process. The same free pre-labelling Safecast system can be deployed by both companies and individuals - eliminating the need for compulsory age verification of children on the internet. Instead lightweight filters can be used which map onto national sovereignty requirements. For example, the Key Stages of the UK National Curriculum.

Safecast pre-labelling system - how it works
SafeCast, a British company, discovered that all video can be classified into just seven groups which can be labelled with a code (called the SafeCast HeadCode). Once labelled the video can be filtered away from children who are too young to view it. Filters to read the SafeCast Headcodes can be included in middleware on tablets and smartphones where their processing will have no effect on the performance of these devices.

Using the funds raised through GoFundMe, the SafeCast Global website is going to run the global campaign, circulate the proposals and seek the public's responses and thoughts. SafeCast Global is an Anglo-Australian campaign. Our standards based solution will allow the UK and Australia to lead the way forward in the EU and elsewhere in the world so that children all over the world can be made safer in 2021.