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Adjuration for the improvement of the Internet Connection in the Philippines

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     The internet is a connection of networks designed to share data. Because of that connection we are able to communicate, interact, and gather information without any difficulties. In 2011, a United Nations report declared internet access to be a basic human right, arguing that disconnecting individuals from the internet is already a violation of human rights and international law.

     Internet has a significant role in the lives of every Filipino. We are using it everyday. Researches for students, office works for employees and most specially we use it as a tool in communication. We are searching, we are playing and we are communicating through internet, indeed it is very vital for us. But the internet connection here in the Philippines is too slow. Buffering.. Buffering.. Buffering.., It become a major issue in our country. Philippines has the worst internet connection in the whole ASIA and ASEAN. So if internet access is a basic human right, shouldn’t Filipinos be more outraged with the quality or lack of service we get from our internet providers. 

     As a student, I am petitioning this because I want a better and faster internet connection here in our country. Internet really affects how I study. There are positive and negative effects of it but most of us uses internet to search and to gather information or in other terms, for educational purposes. But how can I maximize the use of internet if the connection is really slow, yet people paid too much for the bill. This needs an action, we need a faster internet connection. I know our country, Philippines has the capacity to make our internet connection faster.

     I am asking you, the National Telecommunications Commission (Philippines), and our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to make this happen, make it fast because that’s what we deserve, that’s what the Philippines deserve.

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