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National Security Depends on Economic Health

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Economic Health Depends on the Elimination of Non-Necessities, Like War Spending and Usury and other destructive power struggles.      Invest in SUSTAINABLE, PRACTICAL, COOPERATIVE, CONSTRUCTIVE SOLUTIONS instead.    Common sense: INVEST IN LIFE NOT DEATH.  

I do not give USA Inc or its military my permission/mandate to use my tax moneys for war spending. --- Taxation without representation is about as anti-American as one can get.   Don't BS me that it is for my "security" and "freedom".   I do not "buy" that load of ¸.•*BLEEP*•.´¨ .   
WAR AND MILITARY SPENDING DIMINISH SECURITY because they rob economies of vital necessities, destroy environments thereby diminishing the possibilities of the Earth and Nature to sustain LIFE, and open the doors wide to graft and corruption ... in essence, WAR IS THE BU$INE$$ OF MURDER FOR PROFIT$ going to the "deep pockets" of a relatively few warlords and financiers - and these days it is AT THE EXPENSE OF THE ENTIRE PLANET,  AT_THE_EXPENSE_OF_THE_ENTIRE_BIOSPHERE_UPON_WHICH_WE_ALL_DEPEND
It is time for an honest Environmental Impact Study of the effects of War.  

(Of course, if "our" emperors had any common sense this would not be necessary since so much of the environmental devastation caused by war is so obvious.)

When our culture overcomes its infantile "me me me" attitude and takes responsibility for its ways of living, THEN WE will make progress because WE will be clearheaded enough to understand what the PRIORITIES of  SURVIVAL/REPAIR_OF_OUR_BIOSPHERE  are --- and war is not one of them. 

NOTE:    This description is NOT IDENTICAL to the petition below, which was my usual practice in the past.  However, ch.o has now made it possible for us to see petitions after we have signed them so this is no longer necessary for me.  

NOTE:    ch.o does not even have an "END WAR" cause or anything similar anymore!
hmmmmm ... so where do I post this?  War effects ALL causes negatively!


DISTRACTIONS DISTRACTIONS DISTRACTIONS .... WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTIONS bleeding off our energies ... so many distractions that most people will not even begin to be able to read this little "dissertation" even if they have time. 
(I challenge you to read the whole petition itself - don't allow yourself to be dumbed down. In fact, it would be a very good idea to read the whole thing before signing to be sure I am not putting words in your mouth that you do not agree with.)  

Yes, human rights for all is an incredibly important issue --- but without an end to war and usury, these rights will not be forthcoming --- esp seeing that USA Inc is so "reticent" to sign ANY DECLARATION_OF_UNIVERSAL_HUMAN_RIGHTS   
or any other CONTRACTS obligating USA Inc to respect basic human rights (c.f. - Noam Chomsky's studies of USA Inc's appalling record) ...
However, in this particular case, 
((  in reference to  The_Fight_Isn't_Over_Tell_Holder_Don't_Defend_DADT * )) 
IMO,  LGBT people who are discharged from the Military are better off and could make far greater contributions to REAL security by engaging in other fields such as changing our food system, implementing alternative energy sources, reforestation, etcEtcETC ... almost ANYTHING they choose to do will contribute more to "National Security" than "BUYING" into the supposed "need" for WAR and DEFENSE in order to achieve "security" in the face of imaginary enemies. 

I think the Military is being astoundingly silly and extremely impractical to be discharging loyal minions just because they have different sexual preferences from that which the fundamentalist extremists of different sorts so militantly (and sometimes barbarically) declare as the only ones deemed socially acceptable.
So much nonsense these days, LITERAL NONSENSE.

I agree, if you still want to go to war and are LGBT, the military ought to WELCOME you not kick you out! ... such nonsense these days does not lend credibility to either "our" GOVT nor to "our" Military.  But then neither does war nor does economic disaster etcEtcETC.  
I support the rights of LGBTs as expressed in this petition:

Food for thought about priorities: 
How can "our" Attorney General focus on big human rights issues like war crimes and "rendition" when bombarded by DISTRACTIONS about not being allowed in the Military "club"?

Thank you for your time, patience and sincere ATTENTION to these staggeringly serious matters.  


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