Vote No to SteveBULLOCK 4president HE ALLOWS MONTANA kids to be placed with #METOOabusers.

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We need to make Americans aware of the scary reality of him running for president .As well as other countries of who they would be sitting across the table from .

Our family's and kids will be at risk your #METOO doesn't matter to the govenors office and cps Montana .Cps Montana under his authority refuses to care about victims or survivors and places children into homes you survived or fled .

No parent wether investigated or not should be ignored when they say I'm a victim please don't place my children in that home .

 As the Govenor of Montana he refused to hold dphhs accountable when made aware that they placed children with former sex abuser and childhood abusers .

One phone call or email and he could have ensured children's saftey when made aware instead he ignores abused neglected traumatized family's but poses for pictures in the community .

What is the point of #METOO if people like Steve Bullock allow children to be placed back with your #METOO childhood abuser ? 

Vote NO !!!!!!

He is NOT willing to protect Montana children and family's and therefor shouldn't be trusted with America .

The Govenor has been asked and begged to stop the wrong doings of dphhs ,fraudulent removal ,taxpayer money that's lied about , placing children in homes where there's former abusers, drugs and more, we in Montana have brought it to his attention and he allows dphhs to do fraud and cover up there reasons for harming family's .#Fedup (fraudulent removals ,fraudulent documentation ,living to the courts about situations ,perjury ,criminal endangerment,civil threats ,criminal threats ,longterm removals ,state funded harm ,newborns removed,breastfeeding rights violated,caseworker complaints ignored, lowincome family's targeted ,kids placed with known molesters and drug addicts , refuse to move kids home with zero evidence of abuse, takes kids with no evidence,hides evidence , threats to all family's to sign or lose kids longer ,saftey is not the factor for most removals ,flat out lies )

 Steve Bullock signs off on Medical cannabis THEN allows child removals and forced drug treatment for card holders even though they don't meet the legal criteria of addiction .Therefor profiting and wasting tax payers money all while keeping kids away from loving parents .Do you trust someone thats name is on cardholders paperwork and then on forced drug treatment to receive children back ??

Civil rights matter and Constitutional rights we need a president who will stand up to dphhs or any other organization and enforce ethical humane treatment and knows that #METOO matters and that Domestic violence victims matter and that FAMILYS matter .

My children have been placed with my former childhood abusers for over 6months .Not only was it severe abuse and sexually but wa state deemed them unsafe .#Fedup #nochildtobeplacedinformerabuserscare 

I drove 5hours one way to let the govenors office know personally about this horrendous issue with dphhs since he's above them and to this day my kids are still placed in that home .


THIS GOVENOR ALLOWS CpS Togo to hospitals and  NEWBORNS TO BE RIPPED FROM THERE breast feeding MOTHERS HOSPITAL ROOMS 4 HOURS AFTER BIRTH with Zero drugs in system Zero Factual concerns outside of a biased fraudulent worker .


He allows cps to take the newborns from there grandparent and father and allows cps to make people homeless vs helping the family .


This govenor allows Cps to remove grandchildren and refuse contact with there grandfather who served 2 world wars and fought to keep America safe .

This Govenor refuses the outcry of injustice when its people go to him .

Millions and millions of dollars in fraud and lies upon court documents and fraud at the federal level .

The cps filed fraudulent removals and the gov allows it .They receive federal funding for kids the NEVER remove .They lie about where Children live or with whom they live to receive Federal funding .They bypass grandparents or custodial caretakers or power of attorneys and ignore legal due process to receive federal funding .They force family's to divorce or not have there children .This is illegal unconstitutional. They make pregnant women homeless .They make women with mental health struggles victims of there expectations and do not support the parenting .They use there funds to dictate family's versus saftey issue addressed .They do not try to keep the family together .They purposefully file LIES things they did not witness or see .They omit facts they play Custody Battles vs family services .They take kids from domestic violence ViCTIMS and revictimize them .They plea bargain your children's return .They offer quicker return of kids if you Stipulate and don't challenge them .This is illegal and sick .

The GOVENOR uses zero power or authority to help his citizens when they tell him .

Animals have better protection and rights then our children in Montana !!!A call to animal control is responded immediately a call to the Govenors office for CPS control is ignored . 

I vote NO and ask that until he can do his job in Montana and enforce dphhs to keep our kids out of former abusers care and offer services to keep family's intact and stop taking newborns and utilize the state resources to preserve and protect the family ..VOTE NO WAY NO NO NO please share share share  share this petition and make  other people states and org aware of his refusal to protect Montana family's from corruption and illegal unethical child removals .

My daughter is in my former child hood abusers care over 18 years of severe abuse and neglect ...under the cps and under this Governor at risk every single day for sex abuse emotional abuse physical abuse and more .#Notonemore #METOO #TIMESUP 


Time is ticking for here saftey and outcome and this Governor refused to make Shelia Hogan  force her staff to place my daughter in a safe placement wth zero cps history .Instead they ignore #METOO 


Check out for tons of story's of injustice and outcrys against cps then ask would you trust this man to be PRESIDENT ??? 


Serious issue at hand VOTE NO Spread the word Hold him accountable .

Steve bullock we the people of Montana are let down by you and your unwillingness to hold ONE agency accountable .

My daughters saftey matters MY child matters and I will not remain silent until cps removes her from the situation they PLACED her in. (G.S age 15)


Sign and share your injustice story of why you vote no as well #Fedup we will be heard our children matter We matter .