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Support laws that mandate mental health screening before purchasing guns.

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First of all my thoughts and prayers are with the families and victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Today we have witnessed the worst of tragedies. Today we saw at least 20 young lives taken before they even had a chance to live them, 26 people senselessly slain in all at the point of typing this petition (28 people if you include the shooter and his mother). Though there should be time before full judgements are made, there have been too many similar incidents where the guns used in these massacres were legally purchased by mentality ill and unstable people. These people have been documented as such from the tragic Fort Hood slayings, the Arizona massacre that left many including a kid dead and a Congresswoman shot, The Virginia Tech massacre where Seung-Hui Cho purchased Legal guns that left 32 people dead and 17 injured on a college campus that was supposed to nurture and expand our kids futures and possibilities, not be where they met their demise. He was able to walk in and quickly and legally purchase the guns used in the slayings even after recieving an emotionally disturbed selective-mutism diagnosis which they never checked on during the transaction or background check. Even the firearms in the Sandy Hook shooting were LEGALLY purchased guns negligently left unlocked in a place where a known mentally ill (clearly insane) person had easy access to them (Yes willful negligence and irresponsibility of firearm stowage in households with the mentally ill or insane is an issue as well addressed here). Before you get too far ahead on the "take away any gun, take away our liberty" spill, please read the rest. 20 Children died in Elementary school before they could unwrap their presents! We are not buying your corporate sponsored talking points anymore! Gun owners or not, we are united in putting our country and children first! It's about time you did NRA!

We FULLY support our Constutional 2nd Amendment rights. As prior military, we are trained and tested before getting a fire arm. In the Houston Texas Fire Department they have mental screenings, as do many other jobs to operate certain dangerous machinery or handle hazardous materials that we clearly have the constitutional "right" to have. Civilians still must pass screenings and tests on when and how to use them. So why do we feel that people that are less trained can just waltz in a buy a gun like it is a bag of fruit?

We, as Americans, have the right to bear arms indeed (I'm a firm believer in that); however we as Americans have the right to live in a society and not worry about insane people shooting up our movie theaters, schools, and campuses and the mentally ill or insane having legal access to miniature weapons of mass destruction. If they can cause mass murder and destroy families and their hopes and dreams with a simple push of a button, then you can't call them anything but that. (I know someone will bring up food and knives and the childish excuse saying "anything in the world can kill," but it is how quick and easy it is to commit atrocities like the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre that separates them. (Example: clearly it is understood in rights to bear arms why you can't have missiles but we're entitled to our hand guns and rifles. There has always been understanding of making laws based on magnitude of impact comparatively speaking based on common sense). This does not take a genius to get and if your organization does not understand the difference from a french fry or butter knife in a mentally ill or insane person's hand in the hallway of a school versus a 9 millimeter and a semi-automatic weapon your organization clearly does not have the mental capacity to speak on matters such as this. Your lobby and gun collection does not supersede common sense and America's safety!

Point blank kids have the right not to live in fear. The very important guaruntee of "Life, liberty, and the Persuit of Happiness," also referred to as every citizen's certain unalienable rights, are deeply infringed upon when these horriffic events transpire, then go unchecked and unchanged because of talking points and punditry only designed to boost gun sales and keep your biggest sponsors' profits up. No lobby or ego driven gun fixation should EVER supersede our children's or the general public's safety. I know how these things get spun so this is NOT a petition to take away guns from mentally stable people at all because again I FULLY support all rights contained within the 2nd Amendment, This petition is simply a petition to stop the NRA's complete neglect of responsibility when speaking on gun laws and to support tougher mental health screening and background checks prior to issuing firearms, as well as harsher penalties when willful irresponsibility or gross negligance of dealers, vendors, owners, stores, and gun shows is shown to lead to the mentally ill or insane getting legal or easy access to firearms used in a massacre.

Any refusal to support such legislation is clearly not about America's safety, but is purely profit and ideology driven.

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