Gun Violence Restraining Order

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You may know this, but in case you haven’t read, seen or heard any news lately: America has a problem with gun violence.

In the first half of 2018 alone, there have been 25,573 gun violence incidents. These incidents have resulted in 6,296 deaths and 11,824 injuries. At this rate 34 people will die per day this year due to gun violence.

My solution is not to take away all guns, as I know that is not realistic. The change I am requesting is the implementation of Gun Violence Restraining Order Laws in more states across the country.

Gun Violence Restraining Orders empower law enforcement and immediate family members to petition a court when they think a person poses a threat to themselves or others with a firearm. This person is then temporarily prohibited from legally purchasing and possessing guns and requires them to turn over their guns while the order is in effect. Families and law enforcement are often the first to see warning signs that a person may be violent and this law gives them the opportunity to save lives, including their own. In a study from 2009-2016, 42 percent of people who committed gun violence showed warning signs before they did so. These laws give us the opportunity to stop 42 percent of shootings.

If you are a citizen who has no plans of violently using guns, this law would only benefit you. It does not threaten any guns you may own now or in the future, but gives you the opportunity to save lives.