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Executive order temporarily banning sale of assault rifles

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The individual responsible for at least 58 deaths in the worst mass shooting in US history had no history of mental illness. No notable criminal record. No affiliation with extremist groups. He defied our feeble filtering and warning systems intended to identify a "risk to society" and restrict access to guns.

To put this in context, our president proposed a temporary but whole-sale shutdown of immigration from countries until we "figured out what's going on" with the nearly non-existent threat these people apparently posed to the US.

Now we have a real threat with terrifyingly unknown causes. And with no way to identify this threat before it happens, we are almost certain to see yet another mass shooting in the near future.  Will more than 58 die a tragic, violent, and sudden death?  Who knows - but there is a way to prevent it.

I challenge our president to issue an federal executive order temporarily closing sales of high-power rifles, high-capacity magazines, and any other gun or accessory that could contribute to mass shootings. This executive order should remain in effect until we "figure out what's going on" with mass shootings on our soil, and we can put a permanent solution in place that will prevent this from ever occurring again.

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