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Demand the NRA help the family of Philando Castile mount a legal defense.

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It's imperative that every lawful gun owner be protected from egregious actions by law enforcement. We often see the term "law abiding gun owner" used, yet in the case of Philando Castile, a "law abiding gun owner" was killed by a police officer.

Accord to accounts by Diamond Reynolds, Castile told Officer Jeronimo Yanez about his concealed carry permit, and also told Officer Yanez there was a firearm in the vehicle. This is exactly what anyone with a concealed carry permit is told to do during their safety classes. It's not enough to say, "Officer, I have a firearm." It is clear that Castile did what was appropriate in stating, "I have a concealed carry permit, this is my  permit, and there is a firearm in the vehicle." Yet, 72 seconds after their interaction began, Castile was shot.

The National Rifle Association is meant to defend the Second Amendment, and everyone's legal right to carry a firearm -- especially those people who are responsible, law abiding, and forthcoming about any special permits they may have.

In the case of Philando Castile, the National Rifle Association needs to assist the family of Philando Castile in mounting a legal defense and civil suit against the city of St. Anthony, MN. An affront to freedom in one city is an affront to freedom in every city.

Gun owners and people with concealed carry permits should not have to live in fear of law enforcement. The "not guilty" verdict in favor of Officer Yanez sets a dangerous precedent in the battle for our Second Amendment rights. It is time for the National Rifle Association to stand up for gun owners, and do what is right for our Constitution.

We the people demand the National Rifle Association defend Philando Castile's memory, by showing the city of St. Anthony that murdering lawful gun owners will never be tolerated.

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