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National Registry for Convicted Animal Abusers


Animal abuse is a very serious issue in our 21st century society. It is long been theorized that animal abuse can lead to other types of abuse, including child, elder, domestic, etc., etc. There is a strong correlation or link, and, in some cases--and environments--where animal abuse is found, so, too, other acts of violence can follow. It is important for the safety and welfare of not only our animals, be it domestic, livestock, or other, but the safety of our communities. People should have the right to know if a convicted or repeat offender-animal abuser is living in their geographic area. In addition, this registry would provide information to local, regional, and state wide animal cruelty agencies making decisions on animal welfare on a daily basis--most importantly (e.g., animal adoptions or fostering home registration, kennels and boarding facilities, veterinarians and vet staff, and other pet service companies). It is a paramount step to changing how our society views not only animals, but animal abuse itself.

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