Save the Historic State Farm Building

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State Farm Insurance Company has announced that it will be demolishing its original 1920's Headquarters. 

The downtown headquarters is a Central Illinois landmark, a dominant feature on the Bloomington Normal skyline, and a symbol of the community and its history. The building is one of the defining contributors to the Downtown Bloomington area, a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places.

This building is a symbol of our community, the same community that State Farm helped build. This is now a Central Illinois Landmark and a major contributor to the visual identity of our region, one that State Farm now wants to destroy. The Art Deco landmark is one of the tallest buildings between Chicago and St. Louis and dominates the landscape, and is visible from miles away. G.J. Mecherle located his office at the top so he could see his farmland and Central Illinois home.

This building is important to our collective history and represents the growth of our town. It has served to represent progress for our community throughout the last 90 years. In fact, if you do a Google image search of 'Bloomington, IL" this building is the first image result. There are business and community friendly ways to save and reuse this building. Bloomington is desperately trying to bring interest back to the downtown community, and destroying this building is not the way to do so.

Lets show State Farm that this is our community as well and that our history is worth more than a quick sale of a property for a multi-billion dollar company. 

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