Re-test for CLAT 2018 candidates whose computers suffered technical glitches.

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This Petition is arising due to the following issues faced by many CLAT 2018 aspirants across the country: 

a. At some centres, some students started writing their paper late due to technical glitches. However, some of these students were forced to leave 15 minutes before the exam ended. 

b. The question papers appeared half an hour after the exam started. 

c. Some systems were not functional at all. 

d. The technical glitches has led to panic and confusion which affected the ability of the students to focus on the paper. CLAT is an exam with limited time testing the ability of the students to solve questions that require skills of reasoning and such mismanagement on part of the NUALS which resulted in creating confusion and panic is unwarranted. 

The CLAT conducted on Sunday, i.e. 13th May 2018, was hit with incidents of technical glitches, mismanagement, issues faced due to lack of proper computers and trained staff handling those computers. 

RELIEF SOUGHT: Allow the students who faced technical glitches to be able to re-appear in the examination.