Demanding Justice for Rhino in KwaZulu, Natal, South Africa

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According to numerous media reports the most notorious alleged KZN Rhino poaching syndicate leader Dumisani Gwala was arrested in 2014.  

The reports were made by Barend Lottering,owner of Nyathi APU and Simon Naylor head of conservation at andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve.  They stated that the arrest took place after a year-long undercover operation.   Dumisani Gwala, they said, is apparently responsible for 80% of the Rhino poaching that takes place in KZN.   

Jamie Joseph of Saving the Wild took over the media campaign in 2016 and added the narrative that during the arrest process, Gwala apparently tried to run over one of the arresting Police Officers with his car.  We have not been able to substantiate this information.  We are sure that this information will be confirmed or denied in a court of law. 

According to the NPA, Official Police Reports and the DEA Dumisani Gwala was charged with crimes related to the sale and purchasing of Rhino horn during a South African Police sting operation. 

 He was granted bail of R10 000.00

During the period 2016 to date Jamie Joseph has alleged that bribes have been paid to named, justice officials in order to keep Gwala out of the courtroom and out of jail. These allegations have not been substantiated. We are waiting for confirmation of these allegations which should be announced when the Magistrates Commission reveals its findings. 

There have been many delays in this matter. 

We ask that the NPA of KZN expedites a streamlined, speedy judicial process.

The trial of Dumisani Gwala will apparently commence on the 12th December 2018. 

Please sign this petition to the National Prosecuting Authority in South Africa as a matter of urgency.,

For further detailed up to the minute information  please follow:  Facebook : @rhinosinafrica; @March4Elephants 


Image Credit Megan Carr, Rhino in KZN





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