National Pro Wrestling Day

National Pro Wrestling Day

19 de agosto de 2023
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Iniciada por Dino Ruggiero

Help us say thank you in the biggest way we can for all that grace a wrestling ring, for so many years.  

National Pro Wrestling Day

Can this be true?????? Yes it can!!!!!!

For many years wrestling fans from around the world hoped and wished for 2 things! One thing was to have a wrestling channel 24 hours a day seven days a week, and the other thing was to have a holiday just for wrestling. Well WWE gave us the network so lets now make a holiday. We at The Official Wrestling Museum are honored to announce we have submitted the paper work to make a National Pro Wrestling Day and the first step has been accepted. Now we just have to make the fee payment and the day we all hoped for becomes a reality. March 31, 1985 was a very special day in the world of wrestling. As you all may know, that was the date of the very first WrestleMania. Being a pro wrestler especially the ones signed to the main company as a very busy work schedule, working around 300 shows a year. Even on their days off their training, traveling, talking to fans on social media. Their bodies take a beating from the ring and the road. Their families stay and wait looking forward to that day or two they get with the ones they love. These wrestlers hurt on a daily basis, break bones, need surgery and always ready to still get in the ring for their fans. 

Here in Rhode Island, we started our process and June 13th is now National Professional Wrestling Day each year. Here is the official write up

            WHEREAS, Professional Wrestling is an amalgamation of theater and sport that is extremely popular in the United States. It is estimated that approximately 90 million Americans follow World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and other forms of professional wrestling; and

            WHEREAS, Professional Wrestling events such as WrestleMania have attracted more than one hundred thousand paying customers in person, and millions more paying to watch their broadcast. These events would also bring in millions to local business help communities grow during a difficult time; and

            WHEREAS, Professional Wrestling, which got its start after the American Civil War, developed by the turn of the 20th century into performance art in which matches are choreographed to better entertain the customers, ensure the physical safety of the wrestlers. One of the biggest influences on the development of Professional Wrestling in the United States was carnival culture, and its reliance on theaters to entice public to buy tickets; and

            WHEREAS, Rhode Island has long been a haven for the wrestling world, with a company dating back to the early 90's called the New England Wrestling Alliance (NEWA). Which gave the platform to have people live their dreams, and they were huge on giving back to the Rhode Island communities. Bring wrestling to local programming like Public Access, Rhode Island Wrestling Alliance (RIWA) was formed and grew on the basics of NEWA they were able to bring wrestling into events that you would not think wrestling would be apart. Helping and being a part of the Sport Celebrate Carville for the Special Olympics of Rhode Island, and so many more great charities. Leading into so many great and major matches over the past 40 years in Rhode Island including World Wrestling Entertainment Weekly events like Monday Night Raw and SmackDown and their Pay Per Views; and

            WHEREAS, Professional Wrestling is a significant part of American culture and its landscape. Giving fans a place to feel free and to enjoy their time, and to except everyday life. Wrestling has given back by visiting our troops, John Cena granting the most Make A Wish wishes to date. Professional Wrestling even seen a former President of the United States of American Abraham Lincoln as a wrestler as well. Professional Wrestling and their wrestlers have given so much to fans around the world, including the state of Rhode Island, that The Official Wrestling Museum founded by Dino Ruggiero was formed to show respect to this industry. Just like America today, it is diversifying its performers, productions, and the people it appeals to, and contributes much to local economies as it sells out venues and provides employment for many people; now therefore be it

            RESOLVED, That this House of Representatives of the State of Rhode Island hereby proclaims June 13th to be “Professional Wrestling Day” in the State of Rhode Island; and be it future

            RESOLVED, That the Secretary of State be and hereby is authorized and directed to transmit a duly certified copy of this resolution to The Official Wrestling Museum.

We want to bring this day nation wide. Please help us and sign this petition to help make Professional Wrestling Day a National Day. Once we can show, the level of respect from fans for the wrestling business, we can take this to the level we need to bring it to make it NATIONAL. 

Thank you for reading.

Respect! Relive! Relearn!

The Official Wrestling Museum

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