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Over 70,000 primates are experimented on every year in the United States. Many of these primates experience horrible conditions, such as dying of dehydration, starvation, hypothermia, heat stress, being boiled alive in cage washers, wasting diseases, hepatitis, encephalitis, and many other severe illnesses. Many primates are confined to restraint chairs for many hours. Others suffer through the throes of withdrawal from addictive drugs. Devices are often literally bolted to the skulls of primates using steel screws. Infants are ripped away from their mothers and driven insane. This list of cruelties only scratches the surface.

October 16th through October 24th 2010 marks the National Primate Liberation Week. Events are held throughout the U.S., against primates used in laboratories.

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UCSF Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost  Jeffrey A. Bluestone
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University of Minnesota President Robert H. Bruininks
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Northwestern University President Emeritus Bienen
Emory University President James W. Wagner
National Institutes of Health
University of California President Mark G. Yudof
University of Washington President Phyllis M. Wise
Primates used in experimentation are subjected to torture when testing is performed. No animal test in use today has ever been properly validated, a fact that highly questions the reliability, accuracy, and relevance of animal test results. Results attained from experiments on animals do not accurately portray their influence on humans. Vivisection has led us down countless scientific dead ends, while detracting attention and funds from more applicable scientific techniques.

Testing on animals is cruel and unethical. Please stop exploiting sentient beings !