Dog Park Behind Pebble Bay Tanjong Rhu Promenade

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On behalf of the dog owner residents of Tanjong Rhu, we would like to respectfully request that the area of the field behind Pebble Bay and facing Kallang Wave be considered to be sectioned off into a dog park. This would continue to build a harmonious community feel in our neighborhood and be in the best interests of public welfare along Tanjong Rhu Promenade.

The area today serves a focal point for dog lovers, either bringing their own pets or just seeking to engage with them. While the recent construction does cause space constraints, the green field continues to be a lively space that brings neighbours together. Dogs are social animals and this interaction with other dogs and humans helps them integrate better within our society.

This area is also the overall hub of our community. In the evenings, there are kids playing on nearby fields, adults and kids walking, running, cycling, skating, people on e-scooters and more visitors, including those with dogs, coming to the area to play and meet. As responsible pet owners, we often take the opportunity to teach curious kids how to show compassion towards animals and the right way to approach them.

We have seen how the joyful play of our dogs have brought many of us together as a community, allowing us to interact harmoniously, whether socially, educating children on the responsibility of owning a pet or helping out with photo shoot requests by individuals and wedding parties wanting a dog in their picture. Many of us met our neighbors for the first time on this field and built bonds over a period of time.

As PM Lee said in his National Day Speech, "Singapore maybe a small country, but we have big hearts." We hope you will help us reinforce the Tanjong Rhu community's big heart with this practical solution.

We would like this beneficial interaction to continue and we believe a new dog park is the best way to ensure that this community spirit stays and grows.