NVUSD to stop objectifying young girl students with biased dress code policies

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We are challenging Napa Valley Unified School District to devise fair and equitable dress codes that offer inclusive, progressive, and body-positive dress codes. 

My daughter was recently subjected to these dress code “violations” in the image you see which has sparked further debate about girls being objectified and missing class time based on outdated school dress codes.

As it stands now, our review and experiences of the policies is that they are written and applied to mainly girls. The “no baggy pants and no underwear showing” applies mainly to boys, however, it is almost never enforced.

Ripped pants that show skin above the knee applies to girls because guys wear ripped jeans but their boxers cover the skin. Which means they are not dress coded for showing their under garments.

Shorts/skirts have to be longer than arms/finger tip length. This is all variable because every girls body is different. Whether it be the arms length difference or the way they “fill” their clothing when standing/sitting. Age appropriate stores do not offer shorts this long for teenagers. 

Girls are not allowed to wear tops that show undergarments— this is ONLY applicable to girls who choose to wear bras. Guys can wear their muscle tops but girls cannot wear their sports bra because it would show. No bra strap showing makes for a very thick tank top. Keep in mind bras are optional for girls and girls who choose not to wear bras are also targeted for being “distracting in a learning environment.”

The dress code policy is that clothing “not be distracting to the learning environment” and is inherently sexist. In addition, it’s discretionarily based on the staff personnel that determines if there is a violation.

Young girls are solely objectified and targeted by these policies and how it is enforced.

You see, even though school dress code is made for all genders. It’s really only the girls in these situations that are targeted (not to mention how dress codes also reinforce racism and are not inclusive for youth identifying as anything other than male/female). These young girls have to learn the power of their voice (or not because they’re still figuring that out) and speak up for themselves as children. We are turning the target at the NVUSD dress code and how they violate children, ESPECIALLY YOUNG GIRLS.

We not asking for a viral post.
We are telling you it’s time for change. 
We can make this happen together by signing this together to enact this positive change.