Protect the integrity of the organic label

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As a mother of four, I know the importance of feeding my children healthy food. I used to drive 4 hours every week to buy organic food for our family – that’s how important this issue is to me.

But right now, big industrial corporations are lobbying hard to change the definition of 'organic' to include hydroponic produce that is grown with plastic tubes or in styrofoam, and not soil. Does that sound organic to you?

Sign my petition to demand that the USDA protect the organic label.

If they allow hydroponic food to be considered organic, it will have a devastating effect on organic farmers and your food supply. Farmers will no longer be able to compete with mass producers who grow cheap hydroponics, and we won’t be able to tell if the food we buy at the supermarket was grown in a way that is good for our families and the planet.

The organic label represents food that is good for you, good for the farmer, and good for the earth it grows in. Join us in calling on the USDA to keep it that way.

On Tuesday, the National Organic Standards Board will meet in Jacksonville to decide whether or not to give in to the mass producers' demands and change the definition of organic. Only a strong declaration from farmers and eaters will stand in their way and protect organic food, farming and the label. Will you join us?