Save and preserve HMS Bristol for future generations!

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On the 14th of February, it was announced by the Royal Navy that the former Type 82 destroyer HMS Bristol was not to have her life as a training ship extended. After serving 57 years both as a Warship of the Royal Navy, serving during the Falklands war; and as training ship, providing many memories to both her crew and the cadets she helped train. Now with the Sea Cadet corps announcing they will not be using her as an accommodation ship and the Royal Navy deciding not to extend her life, the future of this veteran, is uncertain. 

As a former Sea Cadet and an amateur naval historian it saddens me to see such a great piece of British Maritime history have an uncertain future and knowing that I had many joyous experiences onboard her while as a Cadet.

The purpose of this petition is to ask the National Museum of the Royal Navy, the Ministry of Defence or the Royal Navy directly to ensure that she Is preserved, restored and turned into a museum ship so future generations can learn about the Falklands war, and her contributions to the lives of so many people; past and present.