National Motorsport Strategy: Let’s make it happen!

National Motorsport Strategy: Let’s make it happen!

1 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ben Blackburn

We need a National Motorsport Strategy.

The Commonwealth Government in Australia has a National Strategy for Health and Hospitals, Education, Defence, Trade, Innovation, Science, Technology, Foreign Affairs, Threatened Species.

But Motorsport is being overlooked. 

However, Motorsport in Australia is thriving. In the past 5 years, it has enjoyed
record growth in the number of licence holders, volunteer officials, clubs and
events. We want to work together with the Government to keep building on that crucial momentum to deliver more racing more often.

Ben Blackburn Racing is calling on the Commonwealth Government to:

• Implement a National Motorsport Strategy in collaboration and partnership with the Australian Motorsport Council, Motorsport Australia and other Motorsport governing bodies. 

• Establish a Motorsport Infrastructure and Investment Fund.

• Establish a Rebuilding Motorsport Facilities Program.

• Allocate $10 million funding over four years for a dedicated Junior Development Pathways Program.

• Create a Digital Technology and Innovation Transformation Hub to support the upgrade 
of new technologies and Esport and iRacing initiatives.

• Establish a Motorsport Digital Scholarship Program and Award for ditigal 
innovation in Australian motorsport with a $5,000 scholarship – as a digital activation package.

• Establish a new targeted and specifically-tailored junior karting grants program 
within the Office for Sport and Sport Australia framework to help junior karting kids to travel to State and National events and help parents to make ends meet.

• Establish a new Junior Girls In Motorsport Apprentice Scholarships Program ($5,000 per annum for a maximum of $15,000 over 3 years) to assist, motivate and empower junior girls 9-21 who have experienced hardship and overcome obstacles in their lives to successfully compete their apprenticeship or traineeship and to empower girls and women to pursue a rewarding and fulfilling career in the Australian motorsport industry.

• Create a National Motorsport Week grants program which annually allocates and distributes a selected number of smaller grants between $2,000 and $10,000 to local motorsport clubs, junior and female karting, 
speedway associations and registered motorcycle clubs across Australia.

A National Motorsport Strategy can deliver a watershed blueprint for future collaboration in partnership with key motorsport
stakeholders and partners to drive the increased capacity of motorsport venues, track facilities and infrastructure, along with the relevance and future proofing the long-term sustainability and success of motorsport across Australia.

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Signatures: 56Next goal: 100
Support now