Moral Offenders Bill' needed for fathers who abscond to escape child responsibility

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When a man owes money to the government, our lawmakers become hell-bent on finding him and pass Economic Offenders Bill! He is declared a fugitive for defaulting on his obligations. For evading the process of Indian law by fleeing outside the jurisdiction of Indian courts. (Applauds) 

After all, its all about money, honey!

May I ask, what about the so-called runaway dads, the disappearing fathers who have the balls to make the child, but do not have the same ones to raise him? What about the fugitive dad who runs away from paternal responsibilities, owing lakhs of rupees to the single mother in childcare support?

Fathers who abandon their children should be "stigmatized" by society in the same way as fugitives for loan defaulters. Why does not the Government pass Moral Offenders Bill on fathers who escape the consequences of immoral conduct??

Our system regarding child support is a joke. Leaving single mothers, who do a heroic job against all odds, to fend for themselves and their child isn't acceptable. It should simply be that absent fathers who refuse to pay for their children are committing a criminal offense.