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National Milk Producers Federation: Listen to Ryan Gosling and stop mutilating animals!

Recently Ryan Gosling spoke against the cruel practice of dehorning cattle for the dairy industry. And he got my attention!

Ryan Gosling for the Ethical Treatment of Animals? Sign me up!

Ryan said: “Dehorning is one of the most painful things done to cows on dairy farms, whether it is by burning a calf with a searing hot iron or applying caustic paste to create a chemical burn that eats away at the animal's flesh."

I did some research and found out that dehorning methods include hot irons, wires, knives, tubes, cups, spoons, “Gougers,” guillotines or hand saws. Dehorning of adult cattle can cause increased risks of sinusitis, bleeding, prolonged wound healing and infection.

In calves younger than 8 months, the operation called “disbudding” involves places a searing hot iron or apply caustic paste to create chemical burns that destroy the baby horns of calves. Calves who are dehorned struggle, cry in pain, thrash, buck and sometimes collapse to the ground. Workers restrain them or put their heads in a metal apparatus to prevent the animal’s natural desire to escape pain. If this isn’t painful enough, animals may need to be dehorned a second time if some of the horn cells remain.

In the US, disbudding and dehorning of cattle and calves is not regulated.

Dehorning is painful because the corneal nerve, runs from behind the eye to the base of the horn. Studies show that dehorning causes acute pain response and delayed inflammatory reaction.

The American Veterinary Association states that all forms of dehorning cause pain in calves. The AVMA recently updated their position to advocate for the breeding of naturally hornless cattle and for the use of pain-relievers in infant cattle.

Because naturally hornless cattle breeds already exist, it is cruel and unnecessary for farmers to continue breeding calves that will need to be dehorned. The National Milk Producers Association should listen to the AVMA, many concered consumers, and Ryan Gosling to stop this gruesome practice of dehorning cattle.

Please sign the petition to join Ryan Gosling and ask the National Milk Producers Federation to stop dehorning cattle when alternatives do exist! Do they think consumers knowingly want to buy products that cause this kind of suffering?

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National Milk Producers Federation
Hey girl (or guy),

The National Milk Producers Federation knows that dehorning cattle and calves is unnecessary and cruel. There are other alternatives to this barbaric practice, including anesthesia and the breeding of naturally hornless or "polled" cattle.

It's a disgrace that only a small percentage of dairy farmers use an anesthetic or analgesia to try to prevent or treat pain. When cattle can be bred to be hornless, there is no reason why millions of calves should continue to suffer from a painful, unnecessary procedure. No animal should be seared with a hot iron, knife or saw.

Modern consumers and citizens care about the welfare of animals. The dairy industry should no longer continue engage in outdated practices that harm animals, which the public finds disgraceful.

Like Ryan Gosling recently wrote, “Dehorning is one of the most painful things done to cows on dairy farms, whether it is by burning a calf with a searing hot iron or applying caustic paste to create a chemical burn that eats away at the animal's flesh... There is absolutely no reason — and no excuse — for the cruel, unnecessary practice of dehorning to continue. Please do the right thing and take action today."

I urge you to please, stop mutilating cattle! You have the power to influence your industry by promoting kindness to animals.

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