Match Fixing NRL

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As most are well aware the NRL has one of if not the worst officials in any given sport on this planet, but why? And why do most of these decisions in each game generally favor or go against certain teams week after week.. How is it that with blatant video evidence the bunker can not over turn clear bad calls? Even worse how is it that the Bunker can make some of these very bad calls. I feel an investigation into Match Fixing in the NRL is needed at the very least, and at the very least the NRL need to see public opinion as to scare the willies of them to make drastic change and fast. Teams seasons have been determined year after year from terrible blatant decisions that could have been over turned as an example, the Warriors finish top of the NRL ladder in 2018 if officials in 3 separate games made the right calls and the bunker could make the calls.. But in 2019 it has become more blatant than ever where as almost every game you can see a clear bias toward one team with very very questionable calls.. As toovey would say there needs to be an investigation and fans deserve to be given answers not a weekly apology with ZERO results.