Stop the Removal of the NIHFCU ATM from the BRC Atrium

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The NIH Federal Credit Union has announced that they will remove the ATM from the BRC 3rd Floor Atrium, effective June 22, 2018. Some credit union members received on email on 6/14, yet many have received no formal notification.

This change is a blow to the over 1000 employees housed in the BRC.

As we are remotely located off of the main NIH campus and nowhere in the vicinity of Rockville, MD, we have NO branches that we can use; therefore a NIHFCU was our only benefit. Do you use the NIHFCU ATM at the BRC? If so, this petition is for you!

Many employees only opened NIHFCU accounts because of the ATM convenience. The only concession offered in the announcement of machine removal? Fee free ATM usage at Johns Hopkins ATM's in other locations on campus. That option is not appealing to our staff. Walking across campus takes time, it is inconvenient during inclement weather and there are safety concerns after dark. This new development is completely different than the messaging that NIHFCU staff has been discussing with NIA IRP staff during their periodic visits to the BRC. They have been discussing scenarios in which the ATM machine would be removed and replaced with a full service kiosk, similar to one located at the main hospital on campus. If a full service kiosk was offered, more staff would be interested in joining the credit union. As it stands now, a large number of staff are prepared to close their NIH accounts due to the ATM removal.

We are disappointed and frustrated at this decision and the way in which it was poorly communicated to staff. There has been no information or explanation given, so we are left wondering and annoyed at the way NIH off campus employees are treated. We urge you to reconsider the impact that this decision will have on the 1000+ employees at the BRC.