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It Is Time To Cure Cancer!!!

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The anti-cd47 cancer immunotherapy has been studied for fifteen years! It is now a proven fact that a different cure can be created for each genetic line of cancer. Unfortunately it has been kept under study wraps for years as the cancer treatment industry makes hundreds of billions of dollars each year, just in the USA, treating cancers. Right now we need to force this curative treatment; that has been shown to cure 100% of stage 1 and 2 cancers, 94% of stage 3 cancers, as well as 88% of stage 4 cancers consistently; to be released to humanity. We must stop the cancer industry from continuing to profit so much and help people to live beyond cancers! A cure for cancer exists! We just need to stop Stanford University from getting another study grant this year, as their current grant is about to expire, and force the powers that be to start curing cancers rather than continuing treatments for profits!

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