Stop the Proposed Cruel Changes to Chronic Pain NICE Guidelines

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Hello all,

The NICE GUIDELINES govern how the NHS provides care and treatment. They are proposing cruel changes that will further debilitate thousands of people who suffer from chronic pain. These changes will dramatically reduce my quality of life and many others. I am reaching out to ask for your help.

I am sure you will have heard of the ‘Opioid crisis’ and people getting addicted to Opioids etc. But, what about the other side of the story? There are many chronic pain patients out there including myself where their quality of life has Improved since being prescribed opioid medication.

The charity Action for Pain (2020) state “Several recent surveys point to around 1 in 7 of the UK population having chronic pain. Add to this those actually “affected” by chronic pain then the ratio changes to 1 in 4!

Yet the fight to get timely and effective treatment for your chronic pain is often long and difficult. It is incredible to think that despite the clear evidence provided by the above figures treatment for chronic pain is still one of the most under-funded services within the NHS”

Yet, the NICE guidelines are proposing to remove further treatments which would make my life and many other chronic pain patients lives unbearable.

The proposed changes will remove the following:

Bio Feedback
Ultrasound Therapy
Interferential therapy
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Anti-epileptic drugs including gabapentinoids.
Local anaesthetics, by any route
Local anaesthetic/corticosteroid combinations
Manual therapy
And more.

And Chronic Pain Patients will only be left with.

CBT & Acceptance Therapy
Acupuncture for a total of 5 hours
Anti Depressants

Please click on the following link for the proposed guideline in detail. -

I was previously a health professional and I loved being able to help people on a daily basis. I enjoyed my Independence and socialising with my friends. Sadly, due to a dramatic decline in my neurological condition – I was no longer able to carry on with my beloved career. I also lost many other things along the way including my Independence. My symptoms include Chronic Pain, Chronic fatigue and mobility difficulties. I have tried and completed numerous treatments over the years with an open mind (including the ones that NICE guidelines believe are acceptable). The majority did not bring me any pain relief and did not improve my ability to function. However, what is helping me to have some quality of life is a Morphine Opioid based medication combined with neurological prescribed physiotherapy. In addition, another medication that is helping me is an Anti – Epileptic drug that supports me to have fewer migraines. My Neurologist and Pain consultant are supporting me to have ‘Chronic pain infusion therapy’ as the next step to control my pain levels (it is on hold due to COVID-19). I am still mostly housebound, however, before the above medications, all I can do was be curled up in a ball due to the severity of the pain. At least now I can have some days with my husband and stepson, and engage in some activities of daily living. Consequently, providing me with some quality of life. Yet, if these proposed changes go ahead, all of this will be taken away from me.

Just imagine you are in so much pain that all you can do is curl up in a ball for hours. You are crying and wishing for it all to go away. And, a health or a medical professional turns round to you and says “You will be alright after you do some exercise and some acceptance therapy”. How would that make you feel?

I am not saying that all chronic pain patients require medication and the treatments discussed to manage their condition. This is a campaign for the many who do need this treatment and medication because of the severity of their pain levels.

*What I am doing about this?*

1. Written/Emailed my local MP.

2. Written/Emailed my Local Newspaper.

3. Written/Emailed charities associated with my diagnosis.

4. Asking for people for help on my social media.

5. Written/Emailed NICE Guidelines.

6. Continue to contact people, organisations, charities and media etc who can help me fight this cruelty.

7. Set up this petition and share it.

*How you may help? If you can*

1. Write or email your local MP.

2. Write or email your local newspaper.

3. Share this post

4. Sharing the word and educate others.

5. If you suffer from chronic pain or have a loved one who suffers from chronic pain – please contact the associated diagnosis charity.

6. Sign and Share this Petition. 

Thank you so much for your help, 

Best Wishes,