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Make lung cancer drug- Nivolumab available for all in England and Wales

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I'm a nurse and I'm also a proud daughter, of my beautiful mum who is 52 years young. Mum was diagnosed with brain metastases from lung cancer in July 2015 . This diagnosis came completely out of the blue and has sent shock waves throughout our family. Mum has always been very active and to see her change each day is heart breaking, she is my mum and my best friend.  

Since diagnosis mum has had chemotherapy and radiotherapy twice, it has kept the cancer under control so far but how long this will last nobody knows. Mum had to stop having chemo due to the effect it has had on her kidneys. But there is a new drug, Nivolumab, called a wonder drug by doctors and it is her only chance of a real difference to how we move forward. It can add years to what at the moment is a poor prognosis. It has been proven to eradicate tumour cells, doesn't destroy normal healthy cells like chemo does, but it highlights those cancer cells that are clever and hide then the immune system attacks those cells.  

This drug is a real break through in treatment of lung cancer and skin cancer, it should be made available for every cancer sufferer and should not be based on how much the cost is.  As a medical professional I am disgusted that we, and many others, are going through this, fighting for what we deserve, whilst going through the most difficult time of our lives.

NICE are currently deciding whether or not to fund this wonder drug, the decision is expected any time now. So please sign my petition calling on NICE to do the right thing.

Please share with family and friends we need as many signatures as possible many thank you in  advance, Love Carly (daughter) Millan (granddaughter) and all the Regan family xxx 

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