Mandatory psychological evaluation of prisoners before release

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Crimes committed by repeated offenders point towards serious flaws in our justice system. Recent news of a 3 year old raped and beheaded by a man straight out of jail raises issues on the validity and effectiveness of the improvement of an individual over time served. So, we need to change something very fundamental very fast if these things are to stop or at least reduce.

Clearly, such actions cannot be of an individual of sound mental state. If we are releasing individuals with a history of mental issues without ensuring that the problem is solved, this is a clear hole in the scheme of things. We need to ensure that the people being released from prison are of sound mental state! So, the need of a psychological evaluation (and treatment) before an inmate is released into the world is imperative. If the individual is found to not meet the expectations, this screams towards the need for treatment in an appropriate facility before the release.

If we do not take actions now, it would lead to more such disheartening incidents. It is beyond sad. It is crushing.

@Narendra Modi, @Amit Shah, @Ravi Shankar Prasad
Please get this reform in place we request you, urge you, beg you! We want to hold our head high when someone mentions the name of our country and frankly if these incidents keep happening, we can't help but cower in a corner when someone mentions "India".

Citizens of the world's largest democracy, India.