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Forced Stripping punishable at par with rape

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Today I read a newspaper article about a 14 year old girl of class VII forced to strip by her teacher as punishment for not doing her homework. This happened in a private school in Rajsamand district in Rajasthan. Such mentality of horrifying punishment in order to ensure students finish their homework is despicable. How about we ask the teacher to strip publicly if he or she fails to pay their credit card bill? Just to discourage the abuse of credit card.

When I was growing up, in my primary school they had the stripping punishment for speaking in class. And they actually stripped a boy naked and sent him to every class for other students who saw him and were scared to death. Once when I was caught speaking, a teacher threatened to strip me. 

Even when I used to be in a day care at the age of 2, we would be stripped for peeing in our pants. We were supposed to ask the day care lady to take us to the toilet when we felt the need. But she would be snoring in the afternoon and wouldn't wake up at all. I had no choice but to pee in my clothes. And she punished me by stripping me and making all the children say Shame Shame. This horrifying incident scarred me for life. It is only in the last 7 years that I have turned intolerant to any form of injustice.

I have also read about stripping being used in ragging to humiliate the freshers. I think this should be regarded as a crime under the section 354 - outraging modesty. And has to be charged to the molester with immediate suspension from his or her post or student position. Complete stripping having occurred under these situations should be charged as rape. And remember there are No Strip Clubs in India, so no one takes off their clothes willingly in our country. Therefore there can be no ambiguity in this regard. 

Next time I see a news like this, it should show the FIR with section charged on the front page. We need to take this very seriously.

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