Save Children from Threatening Stray Dogs

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Increasing number of stray dogs has been a growing menace all around us. Most of the times, if not disturbed the dogs can be silent, social and harmless to the humans. But they can be perturbed with any small act like children playing around them or elders carrying a support stick or may be sudden sound of a vehicle start up or so. 

In such cases, the silent dogs are seen to become violent, antisocial and attacking people especially children. Some dogs are always restless and some attack in self defense; whatever may be the reason, they are threatening.

Newspapers are full of such atttacks by dogs, and dog lovers/feeders are silent! If antisocial human elements in the society are liable to face legal charges against them, then why not we have some laws for removing antisocial dogs from our society? There should be a way out, so that children can play and elders can walk without the fear of dogs.

Not only vaccination and sterilization of such dogs are enough, but strict measures should be adopted and clear laws should be made to save people from dog bites.

Either the dog feeding people should provide shelter to these dogs in their own homes or municipal corporation should take these dogs to their care and custody.

Dog bit people are always scared and at risk of developing Rabies at any stage of their life, despite of getting treatment.

This is not a joke. If a common man is not harming any animal/dog but is always at a risk of being attacked by it, then doesn't government has any responsibility of relocation of dogs and don't we have any right to stay away from them?