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New Motor Vehicle Act For Unattended motor vehicles.

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Being a normal citizen of India, I travel everyday with public transports. Its summer that is coming soon. Its only February and we have started experiencing the bright sunshine.

One thing that I notice everyday while travelling through Public or Private transport is traffic jam. It’s common to almost all of us regardless of which city we are living in, it barely matters whether its metropolitan city or not. Adding to the traffic jam, I am sure many of us has also noticed that most of the vehicles don’t turn of the ignition while on red signal/traffic jam. Weather it’s a public or a private transport, it’s almost same and if its Govt. Public transport then I don’t think I need to speak a word about it.

Coming to the discussion, I feel very sorry not only for myself but also about the future impact of it. Firstly, if considering the noise and air pollution due to the same, secondly how much of fuel we could have saved if we turned off the ignition during traffic signal or while not in use/ unattended.

Just to add I may not be the first person to think about it, we even have seen concern regarding the same in Quora as well, and yes there is indeed a myth that is still alive with many of us that more fuel is wasted during starting.

Considering below Quora article below, we may understand the impact somehow.

Quoting another article about the same discussion can give us border picture.

 Now as I am not a statistic guy neither do I have the actual figures of the cars on road in India everyday, I can’t give you the exact amount of fuel/money we could save in a day or how effectively we could have prevented damage to the environment if all the motor vehicle engine was turned off for a day during signals/traffic but I am sure most of you can imagine that already.

Still if anyone is wants more elaboration. You may go through the below articles that was published long ago.

Delhi wastes 40,000 litres of fuel per day in traffic jams

‘Commuters waste fuel worth Rs 54 crore every year due to jams’
India loses Rs 60,000 crore due to traffic congestion: Study

 Coming to the conclusion, whole point of this discussion is to seek our Govt. help to stop this damage to our nation. We all know, it can’t be changed overnight. But what if Govt. adds a new law or amend an existing one to prevent this. I am not sure if we have one already. Penalizing such offence is strictly needed sooner than anything. May be imposing a fine for the same could be a step-forward.

Some foreign countries already have such rules in place. I know for us in India it won’t be such easy thing to implement, but again we know ourselves, that’s why a law in place can control our behavior to the damage that is causing every day.  

You may have a look at the laws that are already in place in some other countries.

With all due respect I would like to ask our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways as well, to consider above situation and act on this immediately.

I hope as you have passed the ROAD SAFETY bill last year, you will consider this one this year on your agenda. 


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