Make Driving on our Highways Safe

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Whenever you travel on highways you find that the overladen trucks which as per the rules have to occupy the slowest moving lane invariably travel in the faster moving lanes at slow speeds thereby making other vehicles - particularly cars and light vehicles to perforce constantly overtake these from the wrong side and do a practical zig-zag all along the route.

These drivers who should be educated and if necessary booked are allowed to happily do their own thing.  I have traveled from Bangalore to Chennai, Kanyakumari, Hyderabad and Pune and everywhere the position is the same. There is no highway police to check them.  I presume that 90% of the drivers do not even know that they are committing an offence.

Besides the difficulty in driving caused to other vehicles this results in lots of risky situations when you are overtaking from the wrong side.  Due to the constant slowing down and accelerating fuel consumption also increases and so does vehicle wear and tear besides causing unnecessary stress in driving.

Shri Gadkari has done wonderful work in the realm of road infrastructure - can I appeal to him to please look into this and have this position corrected ?

I suggest that:

  • All heavy vehicle drivers should be educated about keeping to the right lane
  • Some kind of patrolling by highway police to ensure this
  • Fines and penalties on non-compliers